We offer a full range of clinical equipment or mat Pilates exercises, either in individual sessions or as part of our group classes.

Pilates Timetable


Have you always wondered what Pilates is all about?  Now is your chance to find out!   To help encourage all those new year’s resolutions and to welcome our two new Pilates instructors we are offering FREE 30min Mat and Equipment Pilates classes for 2 weeks starting Mon 19Th February.  We are running a selection of classes through the day and early evening, but places are limited so call today to book your class!


Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on core strength, flexibility and posture. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and was designed as a complete mind-body exercise.

Our pilates is appropriate for all ages and is modifiable for most injuries making it the perfect exercise as part of your general health and wellbeing plan.

Pilates will help you with:

In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.

– Joseph H. Pilates

Types of Pilates

Mat Class (1 hour)

Mat Class (1 hour)
10 x Concession card
(matched to the school term - 10 weeks, with two weeks over the school holidays to catch up any missed classes)
$ 200
Casual class
(if space available, can only be booked the week before)
$ 22
Pre-pilates assessment (20 mins) $ 30

A mat pilates class is a floor based pilates class with a maximum of 6 participants. Our mat pilates classes are appropriate for all ages. All new participants to our mat classes are required to complete a 20 minute pre-pilates assessment prior to their first class. The assessment appointment will include a quick medical assessment to check that you are safe to start mat pilates and instruction on the basic pilates principals.

Group Equipment Classes (1 hour)

Group Equipment Classes (1 hour)
Casual class $ 35
5 x Concession card
(valid for 6 weeks)
$ 165
10 x Concession card
(valid for 12 weeks)
$ 290

An Equipment class is a combination Pilates circuit class using both equipment and mat exercises with a maximum of 4 people.

To help you make the most of your equipment classes we require you to attend at least one introduction session (1:1) prior to your first class. During that session you will have an initial assessment, learn how to use the equipment confidently and safely and learn the basic Pilates principals. You may be required to attend more than one 1:1 pilates session before joining an equipment class if you have a current injury or medical condition so we can ensure that you are safe in a class environment.

Individual Equipment Pilates (1 hour)

Individual Equipment Pilates (1 hour)
Introduction to Clinical Pilates $ 80
Individual session $ 80
Shared session with a friend $ 55

An individual pilates session is an hour long class which is specifically tailored to you.

Unsupervised Equipment Pilates ( one hour)

Unsupervised Equipment Pilates ( one hour)
Casual $ 15
10 x Concession card
(valid for 3 months)
$ 120
20 x Concession card
(valid for 6 months)
$ 200

Once you have mastered the Pilates technique, are confident and are using the equipment safely you can choose to use the facility independently. You must have clearance from your pilates instructor to start unsupervised pilates, this is to ensure you are safe to be working independently.

To start unsupervised pilates you must have completed either:

  • 1x Introduction to Pilates session and 4 x Individual (1:1) Pilates sessions or
  • 1x Introduction to Pilates session and 4 x Shared (2:1) Pilates sessions or
  • 1x Introduction to Pilates session and 5x Equipment classes

To keep your exercises safe and challenged while working unsupervised you are required to complete 1x Individual (1:1) or Shared (2:1) session every 3 months.

2018 Pilates Timetable

Happy new year to all our pilates participants. This timetable is current for Term 1, 2018 (Monday, 29 January to Friday, 13 April). We are running a modified programme of classes through January 2018 until the school term, please call the clinic on 03 358 8889 if you would like to attend a class prior to the first block of the year.

  Mon Tues Weds Thur Fri
9:30 am Equip RobynEquip Robyn
10:00 am Equip Lianne
12:30 pm Mat Lianne
1:00 pm Mat Belinda
1:30 pm Equip Lianne
2:00 pm Mat RosanaMat Rosana
4:00 pm Equip Lianne
5:00 pm Mat RosanaEquip RosanaEquip Lianne
6:00 pm Mat RosanaEquip Rosana

We run group classes for mat and equipment Pilates. We structure our group classes to run for a period of 10 weeks, matched to the school term.  We allow 2 weeks for catch up classes between the school terms.  For 2018, the school terms are:

If you’re new to our studio, we ask you to attend an Introduction to Pilates class first so that we can show you the fundamentals of Pilates at our clinic, teach you the correct technique and to use the equipment safely.

Call the clinic on (03) 358-8889 to book your place in any of our classes.

Outside of group classes, we also offer personalised sessions for individuals or your own group of friends and family. Call the clinic to organise a time.


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