I was referred to Robyn Owen at Avonhead Physiotherapy by Professor Shipton (Pain Management Services) following spinal surgery after which I was left with a few problems.
Robyn has worked tirelessly with me using a combination of physio and acupuncture enabling me to cope with my day to day activities. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Robyn, she is most professional, always willing to listen, and makes you feel comfortable at all times.

-Angela Shier


As an active and keen sporting person I have had many injuries. These have ranged from simple ankle sprains to back injury.  When I am not on the sports field I am a personal trainer and so being physically incapable can cost me time on the sporting field and also valuable time with my customers.
Robyn at Avonhead Physio has helped for over a decade in recovery and also prevention of future injuries.  Robyn’s in-depth knowledge and resourceful approach to treatment means that I am able to return to work and the sporting field with confidence.
-Simeon Joplin (26) Personal Trainer


Robyn was able to diagnose the core of my problem and progressively resolve it through a programme of massage, acupuncture and exercise.  The most important part of the treatment is that she showed me how to resolve the problem myself before it became an incapacitating issue.


Robyn has treated me for various back and leg injuries over the past years.  She is very thorough and has taken time to understand the nature of the problem.  The exercises she has recommended have increased my strength.  The clinic has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

-Max Bowden